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        • Ralstonia spp:


ABWI has received recent notification regarding the presence of Ralstonia spp as a potentially problematic microorganism in bottled water. The presence of this bacterium has potentially negative implications in immuno-compromised individuals eg. elderly, infirm, neonates etc. The bacterium was isolated in Queensland hospitals from bottled water given to patients.

This organism is commonly present in soil and therefore water, and is highly resistant to ozone treatment. In nutrient deprived environments it is known to pass through 0.1 micron (nominal) microfiltration. This bacterium, due to its nature, will not be detected using standard microbiological techniques presently employed by the industry. As a Gram Negative Bacterium it should not be resistant to Silver Ion treatment.( Recent testing has substantiated this using a perscribed  Silver dosage of 0.01mg/L.)

Please read the following fact sheet for in depth information on the issue

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