Australian Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker today urged the public to

disregard calls by two researchers from the University of Notre Dame’s School of

Law to ban or restrict the sale of energy drinks to children.

“When it comes to energy drinks, Australia has some of the toughest regulations

in the world,” Mr. Parker said.

“Energy drink manufacturers in Australia do not market to children; sell energy

drinks in schools; or promote activities that encourage excessive consumption.

“Government data shows that just 3.8% of the average 14-16 year old’s total

caffeine intake comes from energy drinks—an amount dwarfed by coffee (32%),

significantly lower than tea (16.9%), and still less than flavoured milk (5.2%) and

chocolate (4.4%).

“If these two researchers were serious about concerns over children and caffeine,

they’d be calling for tighter regulations on the sale of coffee and tea rather than

energy drinks.

“The Beverages Council is also disappointed that these researchers have used the

publication of their work as a platform in the media to propagate the debunked

myth that alcohol consumption and caffeine has an adverse health effect.

“These types of unsolicited claims may find credence in a post-truth world, but

they have no place in science or fact.”.


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