23 October, 2017


The Beverages Council has been a proud voice for our dynamic and vibrant industry for 70 years.

A core function of representative associations is to speak on behalf of members. We proudly advocate on a number of issues in Australia including labelling, container deposit schemes and taxes to name a few, as do consumer groups and a range of NGOs on issues they wish to influence. This is not new and hardly a secret.

Our stance on discriminatory and regressive taxes is also well known. The evidence is clear that they do nothing to reduce obesity and only serve to hurt consumers and the local manufacturing industry. That’s why we have started to see them removed in some jurisdictions. We speak to governments and oppositions, just as those groups who think we should have additional taxes do, and talk about ways our industry can be a part of sensible solutions to serious issues.

Assertions that we are a road block to solving the obesity epidemic because of our stance against a soft drinks tax are spurious, vexatious and ludicrous.

We continue to keep our door open for any NGO or public health group that wants to work productively with the beverage industry in tackling obesity.

Contact: William Roberts    email:   Mobile:  0431 318 893

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