Media Statement

14 August, 2015

The bigger picture of Australia’s dietary habits should drive change

Responding to reports that some Australian hospitals are considering taxing or limiting the availability of soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks for sale on site, Australian Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker comments:

“Taxes, limitations or hiding one food or drink from view of the consumer does not teach a healthy lifestyle.

If we want a healthier country, we need better education and understanding of our true dietary habits.

The 2011-12 Australian Health Survey, conducted by the ABS, revealed that in Australia, discretionary food choices contribute the most to dietary energy. The top five of these are: confectionery/chocolate (18%), sweet biscuits (13%), alcohol (13%), burgers/pizza/tacos (7%), and pastries (6%). Conversely, the soft drink category (4%) is much lower on the list.

Education of Australia’s dietary habits across all food categories should be considered when looking to find solutions towards smarter food and drink choices.”


For more information contact:

Geoff Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, M: 0407 646 195


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