Front of Pack Labelling – Health Star Rating Scheme

Nutritional Labelling

Front of Pack Labelling – Health Star Rating Scheme


As part of the Ministerial approval for the scheme, integrated approaches for confectionery and all beverages (excluding dairy-based beverages) was agreed to. The integrated approach in essence is for manufacturers of these products to use, or integrate, only the energy declaration from the full scheme’s graphic, on the FOPL, as a minimum display requirement.

It is worthwhile to note that as the scheme is voluntary, beverage manufacturers may opt to display other elements of the scheme’s hierarchy. The Beverages Council recommends that the energy declaration from the scheme be adopted as a minimum requirement, and it is the uptake of the energy icon only for beverages that will be assessed at the Ministerial review milestone dates of June 2016 and June 2019.  The Advisory and Oversight Committee recently appointed the Heart Foundation of Australia to conduct these assessments on behalf of the Government.

The energy declaration options for beverages can be found below (Figure Two). This replaces the current Daily Intake Guide thumbnail. Manufacturers can choose to display either the energy declaration as a percentage of daily intake (%DI) or just the energy declaration without the %DI. Either of these options will be the minimum display requirement for all non-dairy , non-alcoholic beverages. No other elements from the scheme are required.

Figure Two – HSR Energy Declaration Options (per pack or  per serve)

DI per pack



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