Member Briefing Document – Front of Pack Labelling

Following the release of the Blewett Labelling Review, the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food
Regulation (FoFR), comprising all relevant Ministers, agreed to develop a voluntary, interpretive front-of-pack labelling (FOPL) scheme to guide consumers to make healthier choices in purchasing processed foods. The work was charged to a Project Committee comprising invited stakeholder representatives from government, industry, public health and consumer groups. The Project Committee Chair was Professor Jane Halton, Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. The Beverages Council was asked to represent the interests of the non-alcoholic beverages industry on the Project Committee, the work of which was supported by two working groups – Technical Design (TDWG) and Implementation (IWG).
On 14 June 2013, the Ministers agreed to introduce a FOPL scheme comprising a number of key principles.
Below is an overview of the elements as they relate to food and beverages…..

Member briefing document – FRONT OF PACK LABELLING (22 June 2013)

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