18 May, 2016

Hospital soft drink ban a misguided measure that provides no solution

Responding to calls from the NSW Labor Party to ban soft drinks from hospitals across New South Wales, Australian Beverages Council CEO, Geoff Parker said;

“We’d like to support comments from the NSW Nursing and Midwives Association stating a widespread ban of soft drinks in hospitals across the state is not an effective method of addressing health concerns.[1]

“Australians need to continue to focus on the sensible, practical management of nutrition, not extreme regulatory measures ordered by the latest wave of anti-sugar discourse.

“As an industry, we are strong advocates for better education, consumption in moderation and a common sense approach to all aspects of an individual’s diet.

“We have worked to ensure we are providing clear nutritional information to consumers, alongside increasing the availability of smaller pack sizes and increasing the amount of low kilojoule options. Over the last 15 years in fact, sugar contribution from soft drinks has decreased by 26% per person while obesity rates continue to climb.

“Beverage consumption remains a personal choice and soft drinks can safely maintain a place within a balanced diet” Mr Parker said.


For more information contact:

Geoff Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, M: 0407 646 195

[1] 18/05/2016 – Daily Telegraph – Labor’s soft drink ban for hospitals slammed by critics, nursing union

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