13 July 2015

Industry responds to calls for UK soft drinks tax

The Australian Beverages Council has today responded to a recent call for a tax on soft drinks from the British Medical Association:

“A tax on one food or drink should not be promoted as the solution to poor dietary habits. Combating obesity is more complicated than curbing the consumption of one single product” said the Council’s CEO, Geoff Parker.

“Evidence from other countries shows that this type of tax does not deliver long term societal changes. The majority of countries who have introduced them have subsequently repealed them.

“Conversely, three out of four of the top-selling soft drinks in Australia are low kilojoule, and the amount of sugar consumed through soft drinks has already dropped in recent years in Australia, while obesity continues to rise.

“People want education about diet and healthy lifestyles, not more taxes on their household income” Mr Parker said.

For more information contact:

Geoff Parker – CEO Australian Beverages Council, +61 407 646 195

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