Welcome to the Newsroom

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Designed for members of the media, the public, or anyone else seeking to broaden their education on current matters, our Newsroom offers media releases, scientific reports, publications, and industry fact-sheets. These resources are available to help visitors become informed, and help properly inform others, about the Australian beverages industry.

The Australian Beverages Council advocates for an evidence-based and informed position on all issues impacting our industry. We understand that there is a large amount of information circulating on a range of products and a range of topics each day, and we to provide a centre for trusted material and discussion. We recognise that as the representative voice of the non-alcoholic refreshment beverages industry, it is our responsibility to provide effective communication with respect to the industry’s views on regulatory matters, legislation, and public policy. We operate firmly on a platform of openness, honesty, and transparency, and take our commitment to scientific research and the public good very seriously.

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