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Bottled Water Quality Assurance Course (previously CPO)

The Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) Bottled Water Quality Assurance Course,  or QAC, is targeted towards production managers and facility supervisors of water bottling plants. The course offers an intense and in-depth information about the production of bottled water from an operating perspective. It is a great opportunity for individuals who are familiar with factory processes and want further education on water processing, water science, and the engineering that goes into plant operations. At the end of the course, an examination will be conducting and following a participant’s passing they will be awarded leading accreditation in Bottled Water.

This detailed training also assists ABWI divisional members meet a requirement set forth in the Model Code, which states that that any ABWI certified plant must ensure qualified staff is on duty at all times when the facility is in operation.

Examination refresher is required every three years to maintain QAC qualifications. Enrolment includes full course material, catering, new attendee or refresher exam as required. Refresher exams are provided free of charge for ABWI members.

 Topics Include:

  • Ground water geology
  • Water quality
  • Water chemistry
  • Plant overview
  • GMP and HACCP
  • Water microbiology
  • Flavour taints
  • Storage and transportation
  • Filtration unit process
  • Mineral addition
  • Ozonation
  • Bottling
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitation regulations
  • Labelling guidelines.

Upcoming Dates :

To Be Advised for Next Year

Please contact Melanie Pauga at ABCL to find any information on QAC Training or arrange bookings.

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