Statement on microplastics in bottled water

The Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI), a division of the Australian Beverages Council, takes the safety of its products very seriously.

The ABWI Model Code, to which all ABWI Members subscribe, requires bottled and packaged water to be of the highest quality. To this end, Members are audited annually to ensure these high standards are maintained.

ABWI is aware of a research paper indicating the discovery of polymer particles in bottled water in certain overseas markets. The findings of the research do not relate to Australian products.

Under ABWI’s Model Code, water products derived from a source other than a public water supply must be rigorously tested by a professionally qualified hydrogeologist. This testing addresses strict conditions related to chemical, physical, microbiological and radiological characteristics of the source.

In 2017, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, concluded a three-year project looking at chemicals migrating from packaging into food and drink. The findings from that project determined the risk to public health and safety resulting from the chemicals migrating from packaging to food and drink is low.

Research on microplastics is still in the early stages, with further science on it emerging. ABWI is closely monitoring this research and both the Australian Beverages Council and ABWI stand by the safety of our Members’ products.





For further information or to speak with Geoff Parker, CEO, Australian Beverages Council:

Shae Courtney

Public Affairs Manager

Australian Beverages Council

T: 02 8313 7760

M: 0420 736 136


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