Beverages Industry Welcomes Expansion of Queensland's Containers for Change Scheme

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Beverages Industry Welcomes Expansion of Queensland’s Containers for Change Scheme

The expansion of the QLD container refund scheme (CRS) system to accept more containers, including glass wine and spirit bottles is a big step toward making the scheme simpler for consumers and help us take advantage of recycling facilities in the region.

20 April 2023 – The Australian Beverages Council Ltd (ABCL) welcomes the addition of new containers into the popular Queensland Containers for Change container refund scheme (CRS). The new containers, which include glass wine and spirits bottles, will encourage greater participation in the scheme by consumers and result in more material available for recycling, supporting a circular economy.

“A lot has gone into the creation of various state-based CRS and container deposit schemes (CDS); expanding to accept more beverage containers makes a lot of sense,” said ABCL CEO Geoff Parker. “This will keep more containers out of landfills and waterways, and support expanded recycling capacity across the state.”

The ABCL encourages Queensland to consider materials beyond glass to help alleviate potential future consumer confusion. “Incorporating wine and spirits containers of all recyclable material types will mean that consumers know exactly what to do with their containers from purchase to disposal,” said Mr Parker.

“Overall, we are pleased about this expansion plan and look forward to more materials entering the circular economy,” said Mr Parker. “A recycling win for Queensland is an environmental win for all Australia.”