Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry Celebrates Investment in Northern Territory Recycling Infrastructure

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Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry Celebrates Investment in Northern Territory Recycling Infrastructure

FRIDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2022, SYDNEY: Understanding the need for a comprehensive material recovery infrastructure throughout the whole of Australia, the Australian Beverages Council Limited (ABCL) is pleased to acknowledge the landmark investment recently made by the Federal Government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund into the Northern Territory. Earmarking funding for the Northern Territory solidifies the government’s dedication to ensuring there is recycling infrastructure available to the most remote areas of the country.

“As stewards of Australia’s first producer responsibility framework in Container Deposit Schemes, the non-alcoholic beverages industry is acutely aware of the partnerships we must foster with the waste and recovery sector to execute on our vision of getting every drinks container back for reprocessing and reuse.”

“As the peak body representing the non-alcoholic beverages industry nationally, the ABCL welcomes this investment into the Northern Territory as not only an investment into the environment, but into domestic jobs and the future of the circular economy.” said ABCL CEO Geoff Parker.

“By prioritising a Material Recovery Facility in Katherine, the Federal Government is enabling access to recovery networks for plastic, glass, paper and tyre in our most remote regions. This equity of access ensures that all Australians can have the ability to dispose of waste in a safe and responsible way. We appreciate the Government’s understanding of how crucial it is to enable recycling access to all regions of the nation.”

“Our members understand the responsibility they have to the Australian community and have shown their dedication through action by creating reprocessing facilities, participating in and promoting container deposit schemes, redesigning packaging in line with the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines or through many other industry-leading initiatives. The non-alcoholic beverages industry is proud to work hand in hand with federal, state and territory governments to ensure the best outcomes for our communities.”

“It is our industry’s hope that the $3.8M in remaining grant monies can include upgrading local Material Recovery Facilities to accept drink bottle caps as they are a valuable commodity with such reuses as new waste bins, wheelchairs, bollards and public benches. Harmonised acceptance of drinks caps nationally will not only ensure we reduce litter in the environment but also assist in reaching the National Packaging Targets by 2025.”

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Cathy Cook, Head of Corporate Affairs, 0406 399 211,

Northern Territory MRF Investment Press release – 11022022