Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry Supports Government's Commitment to Recycling Problematic Plastics

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Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry Supports Government’s Commitment to Recycling Problematic Plastics

MONDAY, 21 MARCH 2022, SYDNEY: The Australian Beverages Council Limited (ABCL) welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement of a new Recycling Modernisation Fund stream to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities in Australia for hard to recycle soft plastics such as cling wrap and grocery bags.

“As the peak body representing the non-alcoholic beverages industry nationally, the ABCL supports initiatives which keep waste from our oceans, foster domestic green jobs and strengthen our economy. As proud product stewards of our beverages containers we encourage resource recovery and recycling innovation through activities such as establishing reprocessing facilities, expanding producer responsibility schemes, and educating consumers on recycling the packaging of their favourite items” said CEO Geoff Parker.

“The infrastructure established by the nation’s Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) are the pragmatic choice for collecting more materials. We invite other FMCG industries to join us on our mission to ensure recyclable packaging materials are collected and turned into food-grade recyclate.”

“We look to a future where all recyclable material is collected through CDS and kerbside recycling, then domestically recycled and ReMade in Australia into new products like PET bottles and HDPE shampoo bottles. To achieve this circularity, we also call on local councils and container deposit scheme coordinators to collect bottle caps, a high-value commodity for recyclers that represent a lost opportunity throughout the nation.”

“Finally, we thank the federal, state and territory governments for their continuous support of on-shore recycling and enabling all sectors to join the beverages industry in “closing the loop”.

The ABCL participates in a wide range of sustainability initiatives including assisting states establish container deposit schemes, working on a number of national and international consultation groups, and assisting members achieve their sustainability goals. We are a proud member of APCO and a signatory to the ANZPAC Plastics Pact.

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