AB Phillips Pty Ltd

AB Phillips Pty Ltd

At AB Phillips, we are proud to have been selected by the Australian Beverages Council Ltd (ABCL) as their strategic partner for insurance. Our experienced team works with you to make sure you are receiving purpose-built policies that cover you for exactly what you need.

We currently already work with existing ABCL members and understand the diverse and niche requirements of each respective company in the franchise, manufacturing, distribution and import areas.

When it comes to insulated panels, we understand that too many insurers classify Panels the same way, which leaves everyone paying for high-risk premiums, even when they don’t have high risk panels. We work with the Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd and insurance underwriters to develop a more sophisticated approach to your risk, so underwriters trust our knowledge and listen to our recommendations. This trusted and specialist approach often results in reduced premiums and a sustainable long-term plan to keep you insured.

Get really covered. Get insured with AB Phillips.


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VIC, Australia